Off-grid homeowners count the savings with oil

















Rural households that use oil for heating their homes are now paying significantly less on their fuel bills than urban households connected to mains gas, according to new figures.

The price of heating an average three-bedroom property with oil has reduced further over recent months and is now £142 per year cheaper than mains gas, according to the latest figures from independent industry analysis.

Rural homeowners across the country are benefiting from a UK average £500 fall in the price of heating oil over the last two years and industry experts predict the price of oil is set to stay low for the foreseeable future.

The figures also show that oil is significantly cheaper than other fuels often used in rural properties - 42.5% (£691) less expensive than LPG and 42% (£670) less than electric storage heaters to heat the same average, three-bedroom home.

Malcolm Farrow of OFTEC, the UK trade body for oil-fired heating, said: "These latest figures provide great news for rural householders that use oil to heat their homes. Homeowners looking to make real savings on their fuel costs over the coming years and people currently using LPG or electric storage heating should consider switching to oil to save money."

Source : FPS