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leavesGo Green - help towards the environment and reduce the clutter of paper statements through the post.

Switching to paperless statements is easy, and every month we will e-mail the statement to your preferred e-mail address

Simplify your life and help the environment with just a few clicks.

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Automatic Top-up

Free Automatic Delivery - we'll never let you down

Imagine going to make a much needed cup of tea.... and finding you've run out of tea bags, or milk. It's so frustrating. Especially when you realise the shops are shut. If only you'd remembered to stock up.

It's the same with heating oil. Forget to order.... and you could find yourself without heat or hot water just when you need them most.

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Boiler Maintenance

Boiler MaintenanceKeeping your boiler running can be an expensive business. The longer you've had it, the more expensive it's likely to be to run. Wear and tear can mean your boiler is running as much as 25% less efficiently than it should be. In turn, this increases the chance of boiler failure which can lead to large repair costs. That's why it makes sense to have your boiler serviced every year to keep it safe and ensure it operates in peak condition.

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24hr emergency oilShould you ever be unfortunate enough to run out of oil, we operate a 24hr 7 day answering service on (01407) 740207

Please give us a call anytime, day or night, and we will endeavour to deliver your fuel that same day if we receive your call or message early enough that morning. Even if it is late in the day, please call us and we will do all we can, as we are in regular contact with our fleet of vehicles and may be able to divert a tanker to you at the last minute.

If all else fails, we also stock kerosene (heating oil) and gas oil (red diesel) in 20 litre containers, which can be picked up from our depot in Valley to keep you warm until our tanker can make a fuel delivery for you. For more information, please see Fuel Packs or give us a call.


Fuel Bowser

T R Jones & Sons are well placed to deliver heating oil to even the most demanding of locations with our fully equipped fuel bowser and four wheel drive pickup. We currently deliver to a number of properties on the island where you could not hope to send a tanker.

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